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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 13, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that's special. >> you were thinking about having ed henry. he is ordained minister. >> juan: see you back here on monday. >> bret: breaking welcome to washington. getting closer to whether justice officials broke the law or violated policy when they sought permission to begin surveillance on the trump presidential campaign prior to the 2016 election. and we are learning tonight just how extensive this investigation has become. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here with the breaking details. good evening, catherine. >> the investigation into the targeting of the trump campaign in final stages with confirmation from the inspector general michael e. horowitz the draft finds from the fisa report are with the justice department and fbi. in a letter to congress obtained by fox news, horowitz outlined a multi-step review process
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with fbi director christopher wray and attorney general william barr. after more than a million records and more than 100 witness interviews a key hurdle remains classification. how much of the report will be blacked out or redacted on national security grounds. horowitz writes: we have now begun the process of finalizing our report by providing a draft of our factual findings to the department and the fbi for classification determination and marking. we will then proceed with our usual process for preparing final draft public and classified reports. as part of the standard ig review process, former fbi director james comey who signed off on the first surveillance warrant for trump campaign aid his former deputy andrew mccabe agent peter strzok, lawyer ladies and gentlemen among othelisa page will have te period to provide comment for the reports. some records could be declassified in advance of the public release so it can be as complete as possible. earlier this year the president said he wanted everything out. >> is there a timeline on
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when the public will see these russia records declassified? >> soon, i mean, whenever they need it. whenever they need it, i will be doing it. but i will be declassifying it. everything. >> separately mccabe's lawyers pressed the u.s. attorney here in washington on the status of charges the office is not commenting, bret, on any pending action. >> bret: as far as the timeline, catherine, we are talking, what, end of september, beginning of october? >> i hate to offer a lot of speculation but, you know, my information from contacts is probably looking at the end of september, early october time frame and that's important because it's several months after that may-june window that we had from the attorney general during congressional testimony. >> bret: okay, catherine, we will follow it. >> you are welcome. >> bret: massive damage the u.s. is inflicting on iran's economy through economic sanctions. fox news has exclusively obtained documents showing the crippling effects of the penalties designed to get iran to make concessions with its nuclear program. state department correspondent rich edson
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shows us tonight. >> a relentless economic assault tearing through iran's economy. that's what top u.s. officials sees the results of american sanctions as they form the administration's campaign against iran. according to internal documents obtained exclusively by fox news. >> we think the iranian government will shrink, the g.d.p. will shrink by as much as 12 or 14% this year. >> the documents show 17 of iran's 18 retirement funds are in the red. that iran's largest pension fund is deteriorating and insolvency catastrophic potentially hitting the more than 7 million iranians who are senior citizens. they also said iran spends 10s of millions of dollars a year subsidizing critical products drugs and fuel as iran's currency lost 70% of its value in the past year. oil expert before sanctions were around 2.5 million barrels a day. now they are around 160,000 barrels. iran's oil minister says quote our situation is worse than during the war.
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we did not have such an expert problem when saddam was units now we cannot export oil labeled iran. officials say the sanction also continue. >> secretary pompeo and i have been executing the president's maximum pressure campaign. >> the goal? convince iran's leaders to negotiate over its nuclear program, ballistic missiles and support for militant groups across the middle east. >> president trump has said he would sit down with rouhani, with no conditions, that's not planned at the moment. >> that's because iranian president hasan rooney says he will only meet with president trump if the u.s. lifts economic sanctions. the president has refused. the iranian regime calls the u.s. sanctions campaign economic terrorism and recently tweeted, quote: tying bread and medicine to politics is to kill and starve people into submission. iranians will never capitulate. the u.s. says more sanctions are coming and urges allies to step up their pressure. >> we would love our friends and allies to help bring
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iran to a place where it wants to act like a normal nation. >> the attention now moves to new york. and the united nations general assembly later this month where both presidents trump and rouhani are expected to attend. bret? >> bret: rich edson live at the state department. thank you. we'll be there too, "special report," from the u.n. general assembly. president trump says he is working on what he calls a very substantial tax cut for middle income americans. we will apparently have to wait until next year, an election year, to hear many of the specifics though. chief white house correspondent john roberts is here tonight with a look at the strategy behind the plan. good evening, john. >> bret, good evening to you plan to cut taxes for american voters helped propel frump to the white house. what he delivered on then and what he can deliver on now may be two very different things. [cheers] >> president trump tipped his hand last night to what will likely be a central part of he his re-election
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strategy. telling the house republican caucus he will launch an effort to put more money back in the pockets of middle class voters. >> we are working on a tax cut for the middle income people, that is going to be very, very inspirational. it's going to be something that i think it's what everyone is really looking for. >> the president's chief economic advisor larry kudlow briefing republicans at their retreat in baltimore today. >> we will gather together the best ideas from the hill and the administration and outside folks to provide significant new ground for middle class tax relief. probably we might put something out some time maybe the middle of next year. >> the move would mirror promises president trump made just before last november's election. >> another 10% tax cut for the middle class. [cheers] >> that tax cut never happened. what the president may come uup next year in what's being
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called tax cuts 2.0 is simply a plan to extend current tax cuts set to expire in 2025. lower margin rates and extending state and local tax deductions. the stock markets closed out the week on a high note by strong retail sales and more confidence in a new u.s. trade deal with china. white house officials say there is a sense of relaxation in the air after president trump agreed to postpone another round of tariffs. in turn, china said it would forego new tariffs on american soybeans and pork. >> chinese authorities say that china has a large market and that imports of american farm products has a promising future. china hopes the u.s. keeps its word and creates good conditions for cooperation. >> president trump is also urging democrats to pass the usmca issuing this appeal to house speaker nancy pelosi. >> i told nancy pelosi,
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nancy put it up for a vote. it's going to be bipartisan. can you have all the credit you want. >> nancy says she is not convinced that the agreement will include necessary worker protections. >> this cannot be the old nafta with a little sugar on top and say we renegotiated it if it's not going to make the difference it needs to make in the lives of america's working families. >> in calling on pelosi to pass the usmca president trump insisted democrats have to do something other than try to impeach him. and he, again, took to twitter to argue how can you impeach a president that was help create perhaps the greatest economy in the history of our country? bret? >> john roberts live on the north lawn. john, thank you. stocks were mixed today. the dow was up for the 8ity day in a rogaineing 37. the s&p 500 lost two. the nasdaq dropped 18. for the week the dow gained more than 1.5 percentage points. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq were up almost 1. house lawmakers are demanding internal emails detailed financial information, and the other
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company records from amazon, facebook, apple and google. as part of their antitrust probe of big tech companies. the request comes days after a group of 50 attorneys general for u.s. states and territories announced an investigation of whether google abuses its market power in advertising. democrats battling each other for the chance to wage political war on president trump next year are showing just how deeply divided they are. last night's debate in houston, texas featured attacks on both politics and personality. the only real unifying element a desperation to defeat the president next november. correspondent peter doocy has a recap tonight from houston. >> who is a better guardian of the obama legacy? his only vice president or one of his three hud secretaries? >> it is fair for your rivals to play the age card. >> sure it is. >> joe biden the front runner is fighting charges by julian castro that his ideas are outdated. >> i'm fulfilling the legacy
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of barack obama and you're not. >> that will be a surprise to him. >> castro called biden out because he didn't think the vp was clear about who he wants to be eligible for medicare. >> they would have to buy in. >> are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? >> the biden campaign emailed supporters today not only it was a low blow but secretary castro got the facts wrong. what was he getting at there. >>it wasn't meant as a personal comment it was reflective of the fact that he denied saying the words buy ins he a just said. biden only one of the top tier candidates not supporting medicare for all like elizabeth warren does. >> would middle class taxes go up with your healthcare plan. >> middle class families would pay less on healthcare and stop going bankrupt which i think is a real improvement. >> the taxes specifically? bernie sanders isn't concerned about costs either. >> joe said that medicare for all would cost over $30 trillion. that's right, joe.
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status quo over 10 years will be $50 trillion. >> sanders believes biden is overlooking problems eliminating employer based. >> for socialists you have a lot more confidence in corporate america than i do. >> o'rourke used his to talk about confiscating guns. >> hell yes we will take your ar 14 and ak 47. >> none of the candidates pledged to eliminate tariffs on china. >> president trump scoffed seeing me like to make a deal with xi jinping. i would like to see him make a deal with xi jinping. >> he keeps making curious set backs. >> make sure you have the record player on at night. make sure the kids hear words. >> quiet concerns about age. biden promised today to release medical records soon. >> releasing your medical records to address concerns? >> what the hell concerns, man? you want to wrestle? what's the deal here? >> when will you release --
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>> democrats have tried to take biden to the mat but nobody has been able to pin him down for long. and all the extra attention on the former v.p. last night meant less attention on talk about impeaching president trump. almost three hours on stage. zero mention of impeachment. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live in houston. thank you. we are learning more tonight about how many air force crews actually spent time at president trump's resort property in scotland during routine layovers. democrats have tried to turn that matter into a scandal. it turns out relatively few crews did it and perhaps the biggest new info changing the narrative that had taken place and taken hold on capitol hill that the practice started when president obama was in office. here is correspondent mark meredith. >> the air force says it reviewed 659 overnight stays its crews made near scotland from 2015 to 2019 and of those approximately 6%
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stayed at the trump turned barrier resort. the air force says the decision to have crews refuel and stay near press wick including at the trump resort is nothing new. the decision was made during the obama administration. >> i don't own the airport. >> an air force official says in a statement quote as a practice we generally send air crews to the closest most suitable accommodations within the government hotel rate ♪ >> the reportedly charges the government roughly $130 a night per room. president trump has denied any involvement with the military's hotel choice tweeting this week, quote: nothing to do with me. democrats continue to accuse the president of lining his pockets with taxpayer dollars. >> we have seen it all. in terms of integrity, it seems the administration is having a limbo contest with itself to see how low it can go. >> south bend mayor and 2020 presidential candidate pete buttigieg says he is outraged over the president's behavior. >> we also have a president right now who seems to treat troops as props or worse. tools for his own
3:14 pm
enrichment. >> the criticism comes as a federal appeals court ruled today a lawsuit accusing the president of violating the constitution's emonthly eamonthy yents clause can receive. receiving payments from foreign governments while in office. >> house democrats still have questions about a trip vice president mike pence recently took to ireland and the decision to stay at a trump property. lawmakers are looking into the hotel choice as part of a broader investigation into the trump administration. bret? >> bret: mark meredith in the white house briefing room. mark, thank you. there are growing concerns tonight about a possible strike against general motors as contracts with the united auto workers and detroit's three automakers are about to expire. the union's national agreements with gm, ford, and fiat chrysler end at 11:59 saturday. the union has picked gm as its target company. that means it is the focus of bargaining and if there are any strikes, g.m. will be the first victim.
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tonight actress felicity huffman is preparing to go from desperate housewife to the big house. a judge has sentenced her to 14 days in prison for her role in the scandal over parents buying their children's way into pets teenage just colleges and universities. correspondent molly line has the details from boston. >> confessed, contrite and now sentenced to two weeks in prison by a federal judge in boston, actress felicity huffman, one of the most recognizablrecognizable face emd in the college admissions scandal became the first parent to face justice in the case. >> felicity, are you ready for this? >> in court she sobbed and apologized to the students, parents, and colleges impacted. she didn't speak to the throng of media waiting outside but did release a statement promising: i will try and live a more honest life. >> former desperate housewife star pled guilty to one conspiracy and fraud count in may, admitting she paid $15,000 to a phony foundation run by the
3:16 pm
scheme's master mind who paid a talented test taker to correct her daughter's sat exam. prosecutors had called for one month in prison and showed little sympathy for huffman in court or her claims of parenting challenges saying most parents have a moral compass to not step over the line. the defendant didn't. huffman's lawyers had argued for probation and community service. but the judge ultimately determined prison time was warranted. >> felicity, how do you feel about going to jail? >> saying in essence she knew what she was doing was wrong, that it was a fraud. it was not an impulsive act. trying to be a good mother does not excuse. this another dozen parents that have also entered guilty pleas face sentencing in the coming months. most will go before the same judge. the question remains is huffman's sentence a benchmark that they can look to? and what could it mean for the parents that are moving forward toward trial, including the other famous face in this case, lori loughlin? felicity huffman must self-report to a facility determined by the bureau of prisons on october 25th.
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bret? >> bret: mollie, thank you. up next, pro-government demonstrators take to the streets in hong kong to counter months of protests from the other side. we will take you there. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 19 in cincinnati says a 20-year-old ohio woman cleared of killing her newborn baby is sentenced to three years probation after being found guilty of abuse of a corpse a seven day jail sentence was commuted for time served. brook skyler richardson found not guilty of more serious charges including aggravated murder. fox 5 in new york with the death of singer and song writer eddie michael cohen h hey two tickets to paradise and take me home tonight. eddie money was 70. here is a live look from san francisco fox 2. the golden gate bridge. big story tonight. pacific gas and electric says it has reached 111-million-dollar settlement cover most of the claims from wildfires in
3:18 pm
california in 2017 and 2018. the utility says the tentative agreement covers 85% of the insurance claims including those from the fire that disseminated the town of paradise killing 87 people. that's a live look from outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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>> bret: a negotiating team from the taliban has arrived in russia. moscow's state news agency cites a taliban spokesman saying the delegation had talks with president vladimir putin's envoy for afghanistan. the session comes just days after president trump canceled the planned meeting at camp david and declared peace talks with the taliban dead over the death of an american service member in the taliban attack. authorities in hong kong are bracing for more protests as saturday morning begins in the troubled chinese territory. now there are pro-government demonstrators making their feels known in an effort to counter the months' long protest by pro-democracy groups. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest. >> pro-democracy protesters taking to the hills of hong kong tonight to form a human change and lift away with lanterns, flashlights and cell phones.
3:23 pm
>> we want to seat government solve the problem to us. >> meanwhile the hong kong shopping mall several hundred gathered for a pro-beijing rally. >> i want to show my loyalty to my country. my mother country. >> similar rally yesterday ended in up in a nasty faceoff both sides typical of the high tension there these days. fearful of more violence authorities banned another rally sunday another protest planned in this 15th week of unrest. activists continue to push for broader made by authorities. latest offering from chief executive lam pledge end riots ending the hong kong economy. >> first priority in order to achieve the objective of bringing peace and order to hong kong is for all of us, all people hong kong to say no to violence. >> traveling outside of hong kong, 22-year-old activist joshua wong meeting this week in germany with its
3:24 pm
foreign minister. >> what we hope is for world leaders and country around the world actions speak louder than words and is a must for them to stand with hong kong. >> an important 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china coming on october 1st. the last thing beijing needs is someone stoking up negative publicity. activist wong is in new york today. is he set to go on to washington and meet with lawmakers considering a bill on hong kong carrying what he believes is a strong message. bret? >> bret: greg, thank you. up next, exactly what residents of the bahamas do not need may actually be on the way. we will bring you there first beyond our borders tonight: venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido dough is attempting to refute allegations he has ties to an illegal armed group in colombia. photos published on social media purported willly showing him pose with members of a criminal gang. he says he takes the photos with many people during an appearance at a benefit concert.
3:25 pm
he had no way of knowing each individual's background. heavy storms in southeastern spain have claimed three lives so far. the weather service in one town reporting almost five inches of rain falling in just about a six-hour period this morning. residents are being told to stay in their homes and use common sense. a massive strike paralyzed paris public transportation today as unions protested sweeping pension reform by the french government. authorities say 10 metro lines were closed and several others severely disrupted. major traffic jams reported all around -- in and around paris. just some of the other headlines and stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (burke) at farmers insurance,
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so, give that just saw a puppy look. and whatever that look is. look like you... with fewer lines. see results at ♪ ♪ bret the old saying it never rains but pours has a particularly cruel edge for it tonight for the people in the bahamas. many struggle to cope with the devastation brought on by hurricane dorian. there are concerns about another major weather system on the way. correspondent steve harrigan is in nassau tonight. good evening, steve. >> good evening, bret. that's right. we could see tropical force winds hitting the very spot that god crushed by hurricane dorian less than two weeks ago. winds anywhere from 30 to 70 miles per hour are on the way along with up to 5 inches of rain. this in the northern bahamas where there is almost complete devastation on some of those islands. when you look around, just
3:30 pm
houses are crushed. it's a really do it yourself effort by the people to try to get back on their feet. you see people with blue tarps and hammers, no electricity, really no sign of help from the government. just trying to cover the gapping holes in their roofs. you see people washing clothes outside in rainwater. hanging them up on trees. their pants, really trying to establish order in a place of chaos. other people simply don't have the strength. we saw one woman just lying under some plywood near her wrecked home. no sign of any assistance for her in sight. of course, some people have lost more than their homes. incredible losses they say they vow to keep going. here is one such man. >> i lost my son and his whole family besides his wife and three young kids. one of those things. life goes on. >> that's a man who has lost two generations. he vows to simply keep going
3:31 pm
on. the painstaking search for bodies continues. the official death toll now is up to 52. government officials say there are still 1300 people missing from the storm. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan live in nassau. steve, thank you. federal investigators have identified a violation of coast guard relations that could trigger criminal charges in the california dive boat disaster that killed 34 people. the national transportation safety board says all crew members on the boat were asleep when the predawn fire broke out september 2nd off the coast of santa barbara. the boat was required to have a crew member on lookout duty according to coast guard rules. breaking tonight, the family that owns oxycontin maker purdue pharma used swiss bank accounts to conceal the transfer of millions of dollars from companies to themselves. that's according to the new york states attorney general, she contends her office has already documented a billion dollars in transfers between the
3:32 pm
sackler family, banks, shell companies and advisors. the state wants a judge to enforce subpoenas to get more information. now to a story about a relatively unknown but deadly serious threat caused and carried by mosquitoes. it's known as the acronym eee. it has already killed three people. correspondent jonathan serrie tells us why this disease is so hard to deal with. easter equine encephalitis deadly virus spread by mosquitos has already caused three deaths in the u.s. >> even if you survive the acute face of the illness you can have severe neurological deficits thereafter and people may actually die years after their original infection. >> the centers for disease control and infection confirms eee has sickened five people. more states are reporting the discovery of infected mosquitoes including 12 towns in connecticut. this year's human cases
3:33 pm
nearly double the national average, most of them in massachusetts where state and local officials have ordered spraying by land and air. >> these protective measures are necessary and should continue. >> fighting eee is all about preventing mosquito bites. >> i'm afraid there is no current vaccine and the treatment is entirely supportive care. in some high risk areas outdoor recreational activities end 30 minutes before sun set when the virus carrying insects become more active. >> i see a lot of people here tonight than normal. parents are listening to it. off, deep woods off. we are spraying the kids and making sure. i take it very seriously. >> you can also reduce mosquito bites by covering exposed skin and draining standing water. >> although the weather is beginning to turn cooler and mosquito populations are starting to decrease some risk from eee is going to continue until the first hard frost. >> according to the cdc, only four to five% of people infect with the virus will
3:34 pm
develop symptoms. for those who do become ill, the mortality rate is around 40% and that is why public health officials take this threat seriously. bret? >> bret: jonathan serrie in atlanta. jonathan, thank you. up next, the panel on the democrat divide over impeachment and the contentious presidential debate plus, yes, candidate casino. ♪ ♪ e sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief but it's not really something yoyou want to buy.. it's not sexy... oh delicious. or delicious...
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>> you can't draw up draft articles of impeachment tomorrow for example. how would you impeach the president? what would you impeach him for. >> in this instance an impeachment allows to us have greater authority in the courts. our job is to present the case and then decide whether articles of impeachment should be written. >> bret: politico called it a dumpster fire today. cnn said it's the gang that can't shoot straight. democrats are already botching the impeachment
3:39 pm
flight. slate says democrats can't figure out if they are trying to impeach trump or not. >> i would take issue with the commentary. we are not here to do a dog and pony show. we are here to do our work. >> bret: sheila jackson lee, congresswoman from texas interviewing her last night on fox news at night in houston. this as the impeachment talk here on capitol hill continues. democrats kind of working out the rhetoric. meantime the president weighing in this morning. how do you impeach a president who has created perhaps the greatest economy in the history of our country, all-time best unemployment numbers, especially with blacks, hispanics, and women. more people working than ever before. military choice for vets. continues on two other tweets along these lines. let's bring in our panel and start there marc thiessen, susan fir reach choo correspondent for "the washington examiner" and josh. where are we on this and is
3:40 pm
this the beginning of what is going to be a muddled investigation as democrats get their ducks in a row. >> i think muddled is a great word here because speaker pelosi is trying to edge them away from the impeachment cliff. she got very frustrate with the press when they kept asking about it the other day. she said i'm done talking about this. she wants to talk about the economy, healthcare, things that are really important. wage inequality, things that -- agenda that's important to democrats but there is another faction of democrats that's really pushing for impeachment. jerry nadler on the judiciary committee. he is calling it impeachment. he had impeachment proceedings vote outlining how they were going to move forward with it on thursday. it's like they are awfulling two separate paths here. and pelosi is going to have to figure out where this is going. they don't have that figured out yet. >> bret: politically how does it sit? do we have a sense yet how suburban voters who may have voted for a democrat over a republican would look at this effort? >> this is a house democratic caucus that's badly divided. anyone who is in a swing
3:41 pm
district who says i don't even want to hear the word impeachment. even those who support impeachment. some of those in more competitive district they wants to use the word inquiry. this full on impeachment we want to get more information. nadlers and liberals basically already drafting impeachment, you know, letter. so, this is an issue that pelosi, as susan was saying, badly wants to avoid. she wants to focus on bread and butter economic issues. she knows there is a base out there and among her committee chairs that want to pursue that yeively. >> bret: i was on dana's show daily briefing yesterday that lead up to the debate i said surely this going to come up because it's all over the news today this question about impeachment and the mueller investigation or something. those two words were not used impeachment, mueller. >> yeah. and also the economy. all the things that the american people care about. this is a disaster for democrats especially if we go down this path. they are not hurting donald trump. they are hurting themselves. trump is about low 40's
3:42 pm
approval rating. after the mueller report cleared donald trump of collusion with russia 50 percent said turning the page on investigation. 80 percent said congressional representatives should be working monday or infrastructure, healthcare than impeachment of donald trump. they are not listening to the american people there was dccc committee focus groups showed "the washington post" reported that they are -- americans see them as obsessed with impeachment and investigations at the expense of their agenda. that's going to hurt those republican -- those seats they flipped in 2018 in trump districts because those people want to focus on the kitchen table issues. >> bret: thousand how you control a majority. >> risking those seats not just the white house but the majority. >> bret: i mentioned the debate. we saw and a lot of coverage of the confrontation between julian castro and former vice president biden. what a lot of people didn't see was cory booker on cnn later asked about that exchange and how he kind of
3:43 pm
phrased it. >> there is a lot of people who are concerned about joe biden's ability to carry the ball all the way across the end line without fumbling. and i think that was astro has some really legitimate concerns. there was a lot of moments where a number of us were looking on the stage when he tends to go on sometimes. at one point is he talking about people in communities like mine listening to record players. there are definitely moments when you listen to joe biden and you just wonder. >> i mean, that is essentially what castro was saying up there. he got all the heat. cory booker said that. >> it's the big story about joe biden. can he carry it across the finish line for democrats if he becomes the nominee. other story is if you are going to take out biden, this is one way to do it. all the democrats taking shots at him over his memory, over stumbling. that's a legitimate line for them to try to go after him. now they are saying it's rude or low class or whatever biden the way he defined it. he is an older candidate. he has had these stumbles and there are some questions
3:44 pm
is he going to apparently release his health information fairly soon. that's going to help contribute to his success here if it's a positive one. >> bret: josh, he started out strong with the healthcare push back of warren and sanders. but, some of those answers were meandering. the iraq-afghanistan answer went on forever and he said he wanted to split up afghanistan. his policy in office was to split up iraq. i don't think he wants to split up every country that we're talking about. and then he went from venezuela to record players to -- it was kind of all over the place. >> it is the elephants in the room. did he well in the first hour like you say, bret. his answer on race relations, too was also a clunker his base is african-american voters. if there is any concern that he doesn't represent their interest effectively and he didn't seem to understand the question what he would do to deal with racial inequality. that's a big question. a alcohol of democrats privately are worried about it. i will say what his strongest moment was he challenged warren and sand ders on healthcare there also are democrats worried that the notion of taking
3:45 pm
away private health insurance could be a huge general election liability and biden frankly is the only front runner that's willing to say he is going to protect obamacare and protect those benefits. >> bret: i want to save some time because we have to go down the road to candidate casino and we're going to do it at the end of this first block. now we have a debate, another debate under the belts. mark, how do you break it down. >> i put $45 on biden and 55 on warren. >> bret: that's it. that's all you have. >> i think it's going to be one of the two of them. >> bret: how about it that. okay. susan you have chips. >> healthcare aside biden frontrunner with had 0 and sanders with 20. warren with 20. harris and mayor pete split 10. >> bret: josh? >> i have biden with 50 but i spread out the rest of the chips a little more. warren 25. kamala harris with $10 and klobuchar tar and booker if biden stumbles i give them $5 apiece. they have a chance to do well if biden has a bad
3:46 pm
moment. >> bret: new felt on the casino table: winners and losers. we will see if we can get to it all. ♪ ♪ -dell. get up to 45% off on select computers. ♪ i need all the breaks as athat i can get.or, at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water?
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♪ >> i own a lot of different places. i don't need to have
3:50 pm
somebody take a room overnight at a hotel. >> it seems the administration is having a limbo contest with itself to see how low it can go to divert transportation, whether it's the vice president or our military and the rest, to trump-owned properties. >> bret: a number of investigations ongoing about the amonthl emoluments clause. one story deals with air force planes that are stopping in scotland and the crews overnighting at trump's hotel. the air force said we reviewed the vast majority of the overnight stays in the vicinity of the prescott airport between 2015 and 2019, 16% of the crews stayed. that's roughly 40 stays total. "the washington post," the stays result from two separate agreements that both predate trump's presidency before trump ran for president. the airport agreed to send
3:51 pm
to trump's. president obama agreed to send refueling aircraft. the air force has significantly wrapped up its overnight stops in scotland under trump after a signed contract with the prescott airport 20 miles from turn bury in the waning months of the obama administration. >> first the trump and turn bury conspiracy. this is the most ridiculous story i have ever heard. this predates trump. the -- very few people staying. but also what people don't understand the president of the united states does not choose the hotel the air crews. you and i traveled on dod aircraft in the bush administration all the time. the flight crews choose the airports. and they have per diems. the per diem in scotland is $166. the marriott is $161. the turn berry sometimes offers a government rate of 130. which means the crews have another 30 bucks to choose on airport. they choose their airports not donald trump.
3:52 pm
absurd story. >> bret: got in a twitter back and forth about this issue. the situation indefinitely where the pundits took it was that trump was trying to get the air crews there to prop turn berry, his resort. >> i don't understand the framing of the politico story disingenuous it's not about a serious scandal. >> bret: serious investigations going on. >> contribute to the idea that the president is profiting off his presidency and
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
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help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at >> it is friday. that means notable quotables. >> every american who lived through that day in the september 11th attack lives in our souls. >> they are coming out of hell and going right back into hell. we have no plan. >> they are coming home and saying mom, i want a baby. >> one more day of chaos. one more day of what's going on at the white house. >> that's the most ridiculous
3:59 pm
question ever heard. >> some call this practice and impeachment inquiry. some call it an impeachment investigation. >> that's a practice in being not smart. >> welcome the fantasy island. >> we are going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. >> if this bill is not passed to my mitch mcconnell and the republicans of the senate and the president will have hell to. >> are you forgetting what you said? >> houston, we have a problem. >> buttigieg is two points up in the state of texas against president trump. >> i'm like a shell food, i always look orange. >> time to look at myself in the mirror and do some real soul-searching. >> one week. thanks for bringing us in your home tonight. that's it for this
4:00 pm
"special report." make ia great weekend. "the story" hosted by my fred and henry starts right now with eight extra seconds >> ed: breaking tonight, feels we are finally getting closer to the point where justice may finally come to former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe and possibly former top officials like james comey. word breaking tonight that the doj inspector general's report on whether or not they abuse their power to target the trump campaign is now in the hands of the attorney general. the news coming on the heels of another story saying mccabe is closer to being indicted raising questions what this means for the deep state and what officials like mccabe, comey, and all of them tonight. i'm ed henry in for martha maccallum. good to b


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